Corporate Events

Do you want to offer better, more inclusive services to your clients, employees, or participants at your event? What if you could make life easier for people in your community? Balancing work and family is a daily challenge for many professionals, for whom making it all work can feel like an impossible puzzle. You can offer a concrete solution.

Our Services

PopupCamp welcomes groups of 7-60 kids, aged 1-12, to our ephemeral day-camp! To ensure that our services are both inclusive and secure, we carefully create a temporary space in a room adjacent to your event. Our flexible contracts permit us to adapt seamlessly to your needs.

The cherry on the sundae? We prepare custom tailored activities that allow kids to discover their parents’ world! We match the child experience to that of their parent, creating opportunities for understanding and connection. The car-ride home will be filled with great conversation!

How does it work?

Do you know approximately when your event will take place? Yes? Then, let’s get started!

  1. Reserve our team for the date of your event. Once you’re ready to start planning the details, get in touch with us. We’ll guide you in deciding how long to run our service and how many animators you’ll need for a fantastic event.
  2. Confirm the reservation of your custom drop-in daycare and inform your participants of the presence of a daycare service. If you wish, we can provide you with a registration link to share to simplify your work.
  3. The day of the event, our team will install themselves 30 minutes before the arrival of the participants and the children.

They’re talking about us…

In December 2017, sponsorship from Hydro-Quebec provided families with a new experience and gave Duceppe an opportunity to engage with their audience.

The 25 winning families of the “Vivez Duceppe en Famille” contest, presented by Hydro-Quebec and the company Jean Duceppe, were invited to watch a performance of “Enfant Insignifiant”. Children aged 12 and under were welcomed by PopupCamp and had the opportunity to spend the evening doing activities under the same theme as their parents. On the agenda were activities introducing them to theatre and learning about Michael Tremblay, the author of the piece.

“Our daughter is currently at the drop-in daycare and we are going to take advantage of the evening ahead.”

A winner of the “Duceppe en Famille” contest

“I am so happy that we thought of PopupCamp in the framework of our inauguration last year. Your presence was a highlight as much for us, the parents present, as for our guests who were very impressed. I was even asked by the latter where the daycare was during the visit.”

Marie-Anne Perreault, Le Tiers Lieu coopérative de solidarité Laval