Public and Consultative Institutions

Do you want to encourage citizenship participation? Would you like to reach diverse participants and regularly hear the voices of those aged 30-45? The time and schedule of council meetings and consultation sessions is a major obstacle for families and therefore, it becomes difficult to obtain citizenship engagement from everyone. But what if we provided an intergenerational meeting place?

Our services

The PopupCamp team offers you an onsite temporary drop-in daycare for children 1 to 12 years that is both simple and secure! This inclusive initiative demonstrates that you possess a concrete solution to attract new faces to your sessions! To do this, we create a temporary and secure space in an adjacent room to your event and take care of groups of 7 children and more.

The cherry on the sundae? We prepare custom tailored activities for the children so that they can discover the context which they are in! The kids are therefore introduced to the issues discussed by the adults, while colouring, crafts and other activities permit them to express their ideas! The young ones therefore better understand their parent’s universe all while having fun.

How does it work?

Do have an idea of the date of your event? Yes? Then, let’s get started!

  1. Reserve PopupCamp’s services for the date of your choice. Contact us as soon as you start to think about the format and details of your event. Depending on your needs, we can work together to determine the suitable length of our service and the approximate number of educators necessary in order to then prepare you a quote.
  2. Confirm the reservation of our team and inform participants of PopupCamp’s presence at your event. If you wish, we can provide you with a registration link to share.
  3. On the day of, our team will install our materials 30 minutes before the start of your event.
Encouraging the accessibility of our public consultations is a constant focus and challenge so that we can be able to better listen to a diversity of viewpoints. Providing families with young kids the opportunity to participate in our consultations has always been a challenge, but with the help of PopupCamp, we have noticed that more and more families are joining in on our activities. For us, it has become an essential service permitting our consultations to be enriched with the contributions of parents and sometimes even those of the children. Dominique Ollivier

President, Public Consultations of Montreal

PopupCamp has become an important partner of our consultations. Their professional drop-in daycare service, which is both affordable and flexible, permits us to respond to a need that has been voiced by families in Montreal. Our consultations take place in a wide diversity of locations and we are always happy to be able to count on their professionalism and their ingenuity to find fun and safe solutions that allow parents to leave their kids with confidence and participate fully in our events. Anik Pouliot

Director of communications, Public Consultations of Montreal