Weddings and Private Parties

PopupCamp allows you to celebrate your big day surrounded by your loved ones, without a hitch. Make this day memorable for everyone by including your guests’ kids! We can guarantee that parents and kids alike will have a great time. Kids, in our childcare space enjoying a party that’s just for them, and parents, with their peers, enjoying some “adult-time.”

Our services

PopupCamp offers an animated childcare service for children from 1 to 12 years! Part drop-in daycare, part animation service, we take care of everything including the safety and entertainment during your wedding (or other private event). From the first cocktail to the last dance, including supervising dinner at the kids table, we are at your side. We offer a diversity of games, toys, and crafts! Everyone has fun… and everyone is stress free!

How does it work?

As you choose flower arrangements and set the menu, remember to consider how kids impact ambiance. Kids can be high-energy! Let us take those kids off your hands once they’ve have their slice of wedding cake.

  1. Contact us as soon as you book your venue. We’ll discuss your needs and help you decide how many animators you’ll need for your special day. It works best if our service is reserved before sending out the invitations.
  2. A few weeks before your event, we’ll contact you to finalize the number of kids expected and any last details.
  3. The PopupCamp team will quickly and efficiently install a supervised play space. Those fidgety kids with ants in their pants will be out of your hair and having fun!